Let's Find What You're Looking For.

Let's Find What You're Looking For.

Rank every property you see on a scale between 1-10. But, you can’t choose 7!  Why not? We think 7 is average and we don’t want to you feel average about your house. If it ranks under 6, move on. If it’s an 8 or above, that’s when you can consider making an offer.

We take an educated and strategic approach to the buying process. It starts with a buyer consultation (which you can book below) this is an 30-45 minutes discussion to uncover what is most important to you.

What does it cover?

How to value a property, understanding current market conditions, additional cost like land transfer tax and lawyer fees, how the offer process works and the amount you will need for your downpayment and deposit. We’ve done with over 1,000 times. We’ve got you covered.

The Ultimate Toronto Condo Buyers Guide
The Ultimate Toronto Condo Buyers Guide

Thinking about getting started but not ready just yet? We get it. You can start by downloading our free buyers guide.

Our 6-Step Buyers Process

  1. Set Clear Goals and Budget
  2. Research the Market
  3. Buyer Consultation With Us
  4. Get Pre-Approved (Need a good mortgage broker? Let us know)
  5. The fun part, view properties!
  6. Negotiate Wisely
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