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The Storey Team : Toronto Real Estate

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"Staging works... We believe in it so much, we will even cover the costs for you!"

It helps potential buyers view your home more objectively

There’s a reason the quote “There’s No Place Like Home” resonates so well with the average person. People have an incredibly hard time envisioning someone else’s space as their own. Professional home stagers make a living out of turning individualized homes into spaces that encourage buyers to be creative. This is one of the moments during the listing process where you need to take a step back. I understand that some of you out there probably think that,“My home is perfect in every way and staging would likely just be throwing money out the window”. To that I say, in 98% of cases you are going to be wrong.

Helps your home stand out from the rest (active buyers are looking though hundreds of listings, and first impression are important)

As two full-time realtors, we spend time sifting through hundreds of listings every day. Without a doubt, listings that are staged and have professional pictures taken are consistently the ones that make the short list. The very first test a listing must pass with a potential buyer is whether or not they think it’s worth taking time out of their busy schedules to see. Having a home that lends itself to 12-20 fantastic pictures of well laid out space gives off the best possible impression for your home to encourage as many showings as possible.

A proven track record that maximizes your return on investment (Homes that are staged correctly sell faster, for more money)

Now we’re not huge gamblers, but I bet you that without revealing the home, I could show you the same house “Before” and “After” picture of a staged listing and ask you the question “How much would you pay for this house?” and the difference in your answers would be in the 10’s of thousands. Even if you’re not completely up to date on current market prices, the implication that your house has a greater ability to look beautiful creates implicit value. It’s a very tough concept to quantify because of the fact that very few homes are the exact same, but case studies consistently show that homes that are staged sell on the higher end of their “comparable property counterparts”

It shortens the time that your property will be on the market, less time = less stress for you as the seller.

It’s no secret that selling your home can be stressful. We pride ourselves in our ability to reduce as much of this stress as humanly possible and the most proven way of doing that is making sure a listing sells quickly (within reason). We recommend planning for at least 7-10 days of consistent activity and open houses to make sure as many buyers as possible see your home. However, staging your home drastically decreases the chances that your property will stay on the market past this point.

The speed in which a home sells is really a by-product of what staging really is meant to do which I think is very clear from the points above. It maximizes your chance for good offers. It’s a tried and tested method of marketing a home, and we believe in it so much we will even pay for it for you. The Storey Team  is unique in that we offer professional staging for all our sellers as part of our services. We believe that preparing your home to look it's best is the most important aspect when selling your home. The staging process begins with a staging consultation meeting, followed by decluttering/packing and storing your items. Finally the staging day! Where you can sit back, relax and watch our team transform your home to get it market ready.