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The Storey Team : Toronto Real Estate

Awesome Products - Renovation Edition

12 December 2017
Cam Woolfrey

It seemed like only yesterday we were pulling a turkey out of the oven and celebrating Thanksgiving which is definitely a testament to the old saying “Time Really Flies when you’re having fun” (hopefully). That being said, here we are in December - and for me, it seems like another good time to show some different products that I think are a great way to improve your living space.

This time, we’re going to focus on more serious Reno’s and space saving products. All of which can provide substantial value to improving the "purchasability" and uniqueness of your home.

When looking at purchasing real estate, a lot of people have a very hard time being creative in achieving the type of home they want. To be fair, it is tough to look at a blank canvas and imagine a masterpiece. More often than not, the look or feel that you’re trying to achieve is just one small change away. I wanted to highlight three products that can help in completely transforming a house or condo that require a bit of an investment, but return that value ten-fold.

The Modular Condo

Condo space is becoming tighter and tighter. I was watching a short documentary on the current living situation in China (cubicle homes) the other day and, although their current situation was shown as a complete extreme, it’s clear that living space is getting smaller and smaller. There are a ton of great companies that offer ergonomic solutions to condo space problems, but my favourite is the “modular condo systems” by Ori Development. Watch the video, and tell me that doesn’t make a 450 sq. ft. condo livable. The only caveat is this technology is still in the development stage, and they are only offering units to residential developers (i.e. You can’t buy just one of these yet). I would think it’s just a matter of time before other companies swoop in and create knockoffs.

The “Window Balcony” by Velux

This is a very specific product, that is best utilized if you don’t already have a second-floor deck. A-Frame construction SHOULD theoretically have large windows to take advantage of all the natural light that the design encourages, so why not turn those windows into a walkout balcony. This a genius little piece of engineering that can allow you to fully appreciate the view from upstairs.

Secret Passageways

This is just plain cool. How often did you watch a James Bond or Batman movie and wish “I wish I had a cool revolving bookcase in my dream home”?! The answer is all of you otherwise I would question your goals and aspirations in life. Let me introduce you to Creative Home Engineering. The costs of these types of projects are directly related to how creative you want to be and start at $8,000, but imagine the possibilities of what you could do with a hidden revolving pool cue holder.

Aesthetics aside there is a rational reason why these projects make sense. A consistent theme to a lot of the videos we post is that “Unique Real Estate gets the highest bids”. In a world where subjective value determines the top amount that someone is willing to pay, a unique feature could theoretically get you 10’s of thousands of dollars more in a bid situation. I would put every single one of these improvements in that category. Even if they didn’t you could still make a valid argument that the lifestyle value.