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The Storey Team : Toronto Real Estate

Our Top Investment Areas to Buy a Condo - 2017

22 June 2017
Tom Storey

Your top 3 Investment Areas for Condos in Toronto.

Author: Cam Woolfrey 

Real Estate investing can be intimidating these days. As of late, freehold and condo prices have shot to the moon and to add to the headache, the media is consistently polarized on whether or not investing the money is a good idea. Thank goodness for you, The Storey Team here to help.


As most successful investors will tell you, “Focus on the long-term”

One fact that the media is generally agreed upon is that Toronto has some incredible long term investment potential in all asset classes. So, let’s put aside timing the market and talk about long term strategies.

I have 3 Rules when it comes to guiding condo investors:

1) Pick a quality Building/Developer

2) The Fewer Amenities, the better your odds

3) Cozy up next to major city infrastructure improvements/developments***

***Most important rule***

 Keeping these rules in mind – Here are my Top 3 Investment Areas for Condos in Toronto

Moss Park 

Once considered one of Downtown Toronto’s worst neighbourhoods, Moss park has three words for you.

“Follow Brad Lamb”

Lamb currently has 5 building proposals underway in Moss Park, an area that is already performing 2.4% better than market averages (List Price / Sale Price). Condo prices are attainable with an average sale price of $629,119 in Q1 2017. However, it’s not what’s currently happening that gets me excited about Moss Park, it’s about what’s happening on the east end.



Above are links to projects that are going to completely transcend Toronto’s east side. Over 12,000,000 sq. ft. of office space. Tons of Retail and some high-rises that is currently Toronto’s most ambitious, and necessary project. **Remember my Rule #3?!**

Want to see what Moss Park has to offer?   



This one is no secret. If you’ve been affected by the construction associated with the LRT, you probably have a lot of negative connotations towards anything LRT based. However, I want you to look right past that negativity and focus on a 2016 study conducted in 35 Chinese cities that found that the average price of housing was improved significantly in areas that were close to LRT stops.

www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/8/4/380/pdf (Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself)

Yonge and Eg. Is home to the central hub of Toronto’s LRT which will make a previously car-dominated stretch of Toronto incredibly accessible to everyone. Once again developers have taken note. Pemberton has and Freed Developments have some pretty prominent projects underway in an area that will be dominated by young professionals for years to come.

Interested in the Yonge/Eglington Area? Click Here! 


If you’re thinking “Hey, you already talked about the East Core”. It’s because I strongly believe that a buy on the East Side is your best bet from an investment perspective long term because of the East Harbour and Lower Donlands projects. Leslieville holds a special place in my heart because of the type of neighbourhood it is. Future Leslieville will be almost comparable to desirable areas such as Trinity-Bellwoods, and The Annex – Leslieville is one of the most central areas that weaves a traditional Family Neighbourhood setting into proximity to the downtown. Price point is relatively high at 113.7% LP/SP, but ignore that and focus on Rule #3!

What sets Leslieville apart is the recent announcement of a proposed downtown relief line subway. There are still a ton of question marks about this proposal, but It’s safe to say that the city is developing east. If/when this project happens it will provide condos in this area with unparalleled access to the core, while being one of the best situated neighbourhoods.


Want to see projects in Leslieville? You’re One Click Away!