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The Storey Team : Toronto Real Estate

Condo Renovation Tips

03 August 2016
Tom Storey

- Paint Throughout - 
Painting is a cost effective way to create the appearance of a new model suite, making rooms appear bigger and brighter. Paint has a magical ability to make your property cohesive, draw focus elsewhere from old cabinets or counters. If there is only one thing you do, make sure it's painting

- New Floors -
New floors can make an old unit look larger and more modern. Many buyers avoid carpet altogether, and may try to extract a floor replacement cost out of the sale price. Nip it in the bud and change the floors! Ask your realtor or design specialist for a referral qualified flooring expert.

- Tasteful Light Fixtures - 
New light fixtures can give you instant design credibility, and more importantly, provide the correct lighting. Beautifully furnished homes with the wrong lighting can instantly dissuade buyers. Many buyers have a lack of vision when a home is dark, so it's the seller's responsibility to show the home in the best light.

- New Counters -
New counters can dramatically change the look of an outdated kitchen. Although granite and caesarstone are highly desirable and can add the right flair to your kitchen to impress, butcher block counters can work too at a fraction of the price. Be sure to consult a professional to see what combinations have the most mass appeal for your style of condo.

- The Balcony -
"Dressing Up" the balconcy results in more showings and better sales. Typically, condo balconies are overlooked as functional space. For very little cost, adding wood decking, planters, and seating shows functionality. 

**Remember that most condo renovations require board approval, so work out timelines and approvals well in advance.**