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" We wouldn’t put something up for sale without prepping it correctly. At the end of the day you’re building a brand and people have called me wanting to sell their house just because they’ve seen my previous listings and said, “These look so good! What did you do?”

Truthfully, we spend a lot of money prepping them before they go onto the market". Read Full Article ->


Tom Storey, a real estate agent at Royal LePage Signature Realty, said in a statement the baby-boomer cohort is driving part of the demand as they seek to “cash in” on their valuable city homes and move to “extremely affordable” recreational regions for retirement.” Read Full Article ->


Tom Storey, a Royal LePage realtor whose clientele consists mainly of first-time home-buying millennials, agrees that the desire to emulate their parents has spurred millennials into wanting homes of their own. “The eagerness is just looking at where their parents are now in their lives based on the property decisions they made earlier,” he said. Read Full Article ->

"My advice is start small," said Tom Storey, a sales rep with Royal LePage Signature Realty in Toronto.

"Get that condo, start paying it down. If the appreciation keeps going at the rate we've been having, this gives you the opportunity to trade up," he told HuffPost Canada. Read Full Article ->

“That might buy something elsewhere in Canada but it makes Vancouver and Toronto basically completely unaffordable,” said Tom Storey, a realtor with Royal LePage who deals primarily with first time homebuyers. “And for an average couple it won’t buy much. They’ll probably have to go into the suburbs.” Read Full Article ->

Their reduced buying power is causing some Toronto-area buyers to reconsider re-sale homes in favour of new construction homes because the 20 per cent downpayment is staggered so they have more time to come up with the money, said Royal LePage sales representative Tom Storey. Read Full Article ->

Tom Storey, a Royal LePage real estate agent in central Toronto, said he does not expect the rate increase to have a significant impact on slowing the pace of home sales in Toronto and Vancouver because there is so much more demand relative to available supply, even if some first-time buyers cannot get into the market. Read Full Article ->

The strong economic factors underlying the rate rise also apply to the Toronto area housing sector, said Tom Storey, sales representative for Royal LePage Signature Realty. “I know interest rates went up but they’re still historically low. Vacancies in Toronto are still under 1 per cent, the rental demand is off the charts,” he said. Read Full Article ->

"As affordability continues to wane in Ontario's largest markets, many purchasers have become increasingly inventive in their pursuit of homeownership," said Tom Storey, sales representative, Royal LePage Signature, The Storey Team in Toronto. "Having saved up a significant amount of money in an attempt to buy a home, many peak millennials have begun to purchase property outside of their markets in more affordable suburban areas, electing to rent them out in order to build enough equity to enter the province's more prominent areas." Read Full Article ->