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The Storey Team : Toronto Real Estate

Awesome Products - Renovation Edition

12 December 2017
Cam Woolfrey

Major renovations edition! A couple more products we think are worth considering when looking at improving your home.

Ergonomic solutions for your shrinking living space

02 October 2017
Cam Woolfrey

Some products to help you get the most our of the ever shrinking living spaces that we live in.

Professional Staging - For All Sellers

18 October 2016
Tom Storey

"Staging works... We beleive in it so much, we will even cover the costs for you!"

Condo Renovation Tips

03 August 2016
Tom Storey

A few ways to renovate your condo. Whether you're looking to sell, or increase value going forward, these renovation tricks help you get the most out of your condo.

Make Use Of Your Space : Condo Design Tips

31 July 2016
Tom Storey

Decorating Ideas for your condo